Friday, July 1, 2011

What is Android ?

First of all Android is a smart phone device, like Blackberry or Apple i-phone. But the android operation system is the one which make android device is an extra ordinary smart phone device. Android OS is a free and open source operating system. So the Android developers can freely develop their own Android apps and distribute (But to be a registered developer, need to register with developer account which cost 25$ per a year).

Since this is a free OS Android has a rapid growth among mobile phone operating systems in last few years(especially in last year - 2010).

Smartphone OS market share 2010-2011

Applications for the android devices are mostly developed using Java programming language (There is third party developing framework for develop android apps using But the android official blog says they can only develop using Java. For android it is not a .Jar file. It has the extension .apk which mean Android package.  In android market you can find thousands of Android apps which 95% of them are freely available. Below graph will give you a clear idea on rapid grow of Android apps.

New Android Apps & Games By Month
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