Wednesday, November 2, 2011

First Ever Android Forum In Sri Lanka

For the first time in the history Android expert team from Google Inc. going to be in Sri Lanka. This will be mainly focusing on installing an Android Developer Forum here in Sri Lanka.

Date : 8th of November 2011
Venue : Sri Lanka Exhibition & Convention Center (SLECC) Colombo 01.
Time : 3.00PM Onward.

This Event is fully sponsored by Etisalat Sri Lanka, one of the leading cellular networks in Sri Lanka.

Etisalat's CEO, Dumindra Ratnayaka, commented on the Forum saying, “The goal of the Android Forum is to give the public a chance to see the limitless possibilities that will be available to them through using Android powered hand held devices. We understand that the role of Mobile Telecommunication provider is changing, today people are looking to satisfy an ever increasing amount of their computing needs using mobile devices, and understanding the way that application based operating systems such as Android work, will be key going forward.”
Etisalat's Senior Marketing Manager Postpay & Mobile Broadband, Gamika De Silva, expressed Etisalat's proactive approach to dealing with the evolution of telecommunication technology, “The days of mobile-service operators simply marketing products to consumers have passed. Today's consumers are themselves the driving force behind technological evolution globally, application based operating systems like Android need tech savvy users to not only maximize their potential but also to become app developers themselves  and develop the applications that will address the needs of customers. What we have always been striving for, first with the AppZone and now with the Android Forum, is to provide the platforms and knowledge base required to empower local technocrats to be driving forces in IT development, on par with their international counterparts.” (

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ice Cream Sandwich! Android 4.0 is here

Yesterday, 18th October 2011 Google officially announce the latest version of android platform, Android 4.0 aka ICE CREAM SANDWICH (ICS) for both tablets and phones.

Simple, beautiful, beyond smart

1st Mobile with ICS Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

From the user perspective ICS got huge and great changes to keep the androidhood alive.

Easy multitasking
Rich notifications
User defined home screens
Re sizable widgets
Deep interactivity

From Developer perspective ICS introduces many new API and capabilities. Here are some main features.

Unified UI toolkit: A single set of UI components, styles, and capabilities for phones, tablets, and other devices.

Rich communication and sharing: New social and calendar APIs, Android Beam for NFC-based instant sharing, Wi-Fi Direct support, Bluetooth Health Device Profile support.

Deep interactivity and customization: Improved notifications, lockscreen with camera and music controls, and improved app management in the launcher.

New graphics, camera, and media capabilities: Image and video effects, precise camera metering and face detection, new media codecs and containers.

Interface and input: Hardware-accelerated 2D drawing, new grid-based layout, improved soft keyboard, spell-checker API, stylus input support, and better mouse support.

Improved accessibility: New accessibility APIs and text-to-speech APIs for writing new engines.

Enhancements for enterprise: Keychain and VPN APIs for managing credentials and connections, a new administrator policy for disabling the camera.

Check the Android Developer Web and Android Official Blog for more about ICS

Sunday, September 11, 2011

EXCLUSIVE FOR Followers : Eclipse With Inbuilt ADT Plugin

Why bothering to install ADT plugin to eclipse ? Here we Introduce Eclipse IDE with inbuilt Android ADT plugin.  Download Part 01 & Part 02 and extract both. Then You are done !

Link to Part one -
Link to Part two -

To get the Password visit our Facebook page.


Now you can get the latest Eclipse version with the very latest Android Development Toolkit.

Eclipse IDE for Java Developers
Version: Indigo Service Release 1
Build id: 20110916-0149

Android Development Toolkit
Version: 16.0.1.v201112150204-238534

Download From Here:
Part 01
Part 02
Part 03

To get the Password visit our Facebook page.

Start Android Development - Eclipse & ADT Plugin

First of all We need Eclipse IDE to develop android applications. Though the other Java IDEs such as NetBeans and  IntelliJ IDEA do support android SDK they don't give much support as Eclipse do. So the first choice for the android development is Eclipse.  Eclipse is a free and open source software. You can freely download it from Eclipse download section.

What is the Best Eclipse Version for Android ?

Some android developers recommend eclipse Galileo for android development. But for me Indigo also looks better. I have Eclipse Indigo installed in my Ubuntu OS. It works fine for me. But when you selecting the package make sure that you CPU speed is compatible for long run with out freezing your screen. So I recommend Eclipse IDE for Java Developers. Its small in size and also great with speed.

Android Development Toolkit a.k.a ADT Plugin
Android Development Toolkit is your bridge between Android SDK and Eclipse IDE. We need to add ADT plugin to Eclipse. There are simple instructions to add this plugin to the IDE.

Check the Video Tutorial. It will tip you on this process.
N.B. It is better to have latest versions of Java JDK, Android SDK, and Eclipse IDE.

So that for now Keep in touch with TheAndroidKing. for the best from the android.

Friday, July 1, 2011

What is Android ?

First of all Android is a smart phone device, like Blackberry or Apple i-phone. But the android operation system is the one which make android device is an extra ordinary smart phone device. Android OS is a free and open source operating system. So the Android developers can freely develop their own Android apps and distribute (But to be a registered developer, need to register with developer account which cost 25$ per a year).

Since this is a free OS Android has a rapid growth among mobile phone operating systems in last few years(especially in last year - 2010).

Smartphone OS market share 2010-2011

Applications for the android devices are mostly developed using Java programming language (There is third party developing framework for develop android apps using But the android official blog says they can only develop using Java. For android it is not a .Jar file. It has the extension .apk which mean Android package.  In android market you can find thousands of Android apps which 95% of them are freely available. Below graph will give you a clear idea on rapid grow of Android apps.

New Android Apps & Games By Month
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