Thursday, May 31, 2012

An Overview To South Asia Mobile Conference 2012

South Asia mobile conference was an indeed success. And it was a great opportunity to gather knowledge for all mobile application developers, Telecommunication partners and also marketing people, business people, venture capitalists to make their future decisions. At the conference there was lot of discussions on mobile technologies using   many different perspectives and many sub topics.  Modern world now focus on Mobile than any other technology in recent past. What would be the reason for this? Well, the opening key note speaker of the conference Mr.Tomi Ahonen (Author, Consultant and Motivational speaker, Hong Kong) answered this question very well.  As he explained the fact “Why Mobile takes this much attention these days?”  He introduces Mobile as an enormous filed of information under some facts, those include that it is the 7th Mass media of marketing, which defeats TV, Radio, Press, Cinema and most surprisingly ‘The Internet’. 

 •1st mass media Print 1500: Buy-to-Own, Advertising, Subscr.
–books, pamphlets, newspapers, music scores, magazines
2nd mass media Recordings 1900: Sound
–vinyl, tape, CD, DVD: music, software, videogames, movies
3rd mass media Cinema 1910: Multimedia, Pay per View
–silent, b/w sound, color, cinemascope: newsreels, movies
4th mass media Radio 1920: Streaming, License
–AM, FM, stereo, digital: news, music, sports, drama
5th mass media TV 1950: (no innovation!)
–b/w, color, cable/satellite, digital: news, drama, soaps, reality
6th mass media Internet 1995: interactive & search
–narrowband, broadband: email, search, browsing, downloading
•7th mass media Mobile 2000: pers./always-on/carried/payment
2G SMS, WAP, 2.5G, 3G: messaging, browsing
( reference : Mobile as the 7th Mass Media Channel by Tomi Ahonen)

And also it is always connected through the sim card. And It has a built in payment mechanism.  Apart from this it gives a Digital interface to the user.  All these facts were focusing on whole mobile phone industry. Means all feature phones, smart phones other phones. He points out a very interesting fact here. That is marketing people should be aware of ‘i-syndrome’ (or we can use the word Android-syndrome if we prefer), which is having the attitude, only smart phone application are included in Mobile marketing. Or we might say ‘building a smart phone application to each and every product is mobile marketing’ in simple words.  And he says ‘NO’ to this attitude. According to him SMS, MMS, technologies are not dead yet. We could still use these to   distribute, market, even to buy a product. This became highly doubtable fact throughout the day after that. As Mr.Harsha Purasinghe mentioned Samsung has defeated and taken away the authority of the mobile industry that NOKIA had over a decade, which implies Feature phones and other phones are dying, (with Nokia?).  So what are feature phones, what are limitations we have in feature phones and what are smart phones what would be the Pros and Cons of a smart phone? Which is the biggest market? SMS, MMS based applications or Smart phone applications? Find out answers to these questions in our next Post.

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

King among Android Devices Just Arrived ! Galaxy S III

Samsung Who just got the lead in global mobile phone manufacturer run for the first time has just strengthened their camp with a new king SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 which was released just few hours ago.

4.8 inch device got 8 mega pixel camera with 50GB cloud storage with most popular DropBox.

4.8” Super Amoled HD display
16/32/64GB depending on model, plus expandable MicroSD card
Cloud storage:
50GB Dropbox for two years
Pebble blue or marble white
2,100mAh (wireless charging optional extra)
8MP rear; 1.9 MP front
720 x 1280 px (306ppi)
136.6 x 70.6 x 8.55 mm
Operating System:
Android 4.0.4
Exynos 4 Quad (1.4GHz)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Android Forum kicks in Colombo for 2nd Time

After successful first ever Android Forum in Sri Lanka last year, Etisalat yet again organizing another Android Forum in a massive manner. This time its gonna be three segment forum for freshers, advance developers and business community. Etisalat Head of Value Added Services Channa Munasinghe confirmed that there gonna be Google mobile application developer from Singapore and he will be the focal point of the developer forum. The Developer Forum will be held in Cinnamon Lakeside Hotel on 27th January 2012. Advance Developer Forum is scheduled from 8.30AM to 1.30PM and the freshers forum will start at 3.30PM.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Get Eclipse Indigo with ADT 16.0.1 - The Latest

Now you can get the latest Eclipse version with the very latest Android Development Toolkit.

Eclipse IDE for Java Developers
Version: Indigo Service Release 1
Build id: 20110916-0149

Android Development Toolkit
Version: 16.0.1.v201112150204-238534

Download From Here:
Part 01
Part 02
Part 03

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