Wednesday, November 2, 2011

First Ever Android Forum In Sri Lanka

For the first time in the history Android expert team from Google Inc. going to be in Sri Lanka. This will be mainly focusing on installing an Android Developer Forum here in Sri Lanka.

Date : 8th of November 2011
Venue : Sri Lanka Exhibition & Convention Center (SLECC) Colombo 01.
Time : 3.00PM Onward.

This Event is fully sponsored by Etisalat Sri Lanka, one of the leading cellular networks in Sri Lanka.

Etisalat's CEO, Dumindra Ratnayaka, commented on the Forum saying, “The goal of the Android Forum is to give the public a chance to see the limitless possibilities that will be available to them through using Android powered hand held devices. We understand that the role of Mobile Telecommunication provider is changing, today people are looking to satisfy an ever increasing amount of their computing needs using mobile devices, and understanding the way that application based operating systems such as Android work, will be key going forward.”
Etisalat's Senior Marketing Manager Postpay & Mobile Broadband, Gamika De Silva, expressed Etisalat's proactive approach to dealing with the evolution of telecommunication technology, “The days of mobile-service operators simply marketing products to consumers have passed. Today's consumers are themselves the driving force behind technological evolution globally, application based operating systems like Android need tech savvy users to not only maximize their potential but also to become app developers themselves  and develop the applications that will address the needs of customers. What we have always been striving for, first with the AppZone and now with the Android Forum, is to provide the platforms and knowledge base required to empower local technocrats to be driving forces in IT development, on par with their international counterparts.” (


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